Since the inception in 2017, Uoch Sports continues to promote, foster, control and encourage indoor outdoor sports and games that include cricket, football, polo, athletics aside from several other disciplines. The Uoch is also responsible for organising tournaments iside the university Keeping in mind the importance of integrity the Uoch has made it a strong point to encourage sportsmanship and foster the spirit of discipline besides protecting the rights and privileges of its members.
Uoch have a competative and experienced team of individuals who always tries to educate players more and more and for this purpose Uoch organize different educational sessions and call different experts.
Uoch always try to support talent in University and for this purpose Uoch support different Students financially. Uoch also encourage disabled person to take part in sports activities.



Table Tennis Winner

Uoch Table Tennis Team Won the National Youth Carnival


Winner of Lawari Cup FootBall Tournament

Uoch Football Team won Lawari Cup Football Tournament


Chess Winner

Uoch Chess Team Won the Inter Chess Tournament


Cricket Winner

Uoch Cricket Team Won Haji Takbeer Shah Cricket Tournament